On a diet: in Germany, they can tie the cost of parking to the weight of cars

On a diet: in Germany, they can tie the cost of parking to the weight of cars


In the German city of Tubingen, they proposed to increase the cost of parking for heavy vehicles. This is reported by the local newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Currently, an annual parking ticket in the residential area of ​​Tubengen costs 30 euros. The price of parking does not depend on the type of car, that is, parking an SUV and a car will cost the same amount.

However, the city’s climate protection committee insists on raising the cost of the subscription to 120 euros and, in addition, linking the price of parking to the weight of the car. If the law is passed, then the owners of cars that weigh more than 1.8 tons will have to pay another 60 euros more. It turns out that for them the price will increase from 30 to 180 euros.

Mayor of the city Boris Palmer went even further and proposed to increase the cost for owners of heavy vehicles up to 360 euros per year – that is, the increase could be 12 times.

“You haven’t paid for the road, you don’t pay enough taxes. Your beloved car is subsidized by all taxpayers and our future generations. If the prices were adequate, then a parking space would cost not 30 euros per year, but 3 thousand, “- says Palmer.

However, so far the city council is in no hurry to raise prices so drastically. The final decision will be made in September by the local city council. Prices are still expected to rise, but exemptions will be made for people on social security, workers who need cars on duty, and people with disabilities.

The newspaper writes that if the new rules are adopted, then other cities, for example, Freiburg, can follow the example.

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