On roads, bridges and plans: press conference of the President Zelensky

On roads, bridges and plans: press conference of the President Zelensky


Press conference of President Zelensky, held in Mariinsky Park, is a kind of report for the first year of his term. One of the first, the question was asked about the status and further development of large infrastructure projects (including the “Big building”) during COVID-19.

Vladimir Zelensky began his response, assured that the global construction of roads to curl will not. “I am very proud of the “Big construction”, – said the President. – She continues. And this is not some pretentious words: we are almost nine times increased the number of roads that will build this year (compared to the previous – InfoCar). Despite the problems, despite the crisis, despite COVID-19. Build 4200 miles or even more – on how much money is enough”.

“Our goal is to build all the roads of national importance, which will unite our country; they will be a showcase of our truly European state. We are talking about 25 thousand km of priority roads. I am sure that before completion of my term, we will finish all roads of state importance”, – commented on the plans for further construction of roads the President.

Things are different in the matter of roads of local importance: “with regard to local roads, the events there, unfortunately, do not develop as quickly. Sorry, we can’t affect it… yet. But there will be local elections, and I am sure that in cities we will have influence. And we will build all the roads and in the cities”. Subtotal on this topic Zelensky summed up this way: “to be honest, I would like to be President during the tenure of which appeared in the country (good – InfoCar) road. I really want this because I am going to live in Ukraine and after his presidency. And I should not be ashamed.”

Separately, Zelensky mentioned construction and reconstruction of bridges: “There is another big program, it concerns the construction of bridges. To find its solution three billion dollars is my responsibility. We are talking about all the bridges in the country, both large and small. Example the first bridge in Zaporozhye. Despite COVID-19, this bridge is now being built, and people see it. And how much time before that they were never engaged? We started the process, and for two and a half years build this big bridge. He will be one of the biggest projects of this type on the territory of our country. And we will all be proud of”. And the amount of three billion dollars the President has explained the geographical features of our country, citing the example of Ivano-Frankivsk region: “Only in its territory – 1900 bridges”.


Summed up Vladimir Zelensky comment that this year in Ukraine built more roads than in some European countries there are generally. It sounds seemingly good, but here it is unclear whether he meant Andorra/Luxembourg/Malta or meant something completely different. Because the criterion of the area of these countries do not fit with Ukraine in any comparison.

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