On sale the debut of the Ferrari F50

On sale the debut of the Ferrari F50


RM auction house Sotheby’s will auction a Ferrari F50 with almost no mileage, which was part of the exhibition at the Frankfurt motor show in 1995. Immediately after the show the car was bought by collector Michael Gabel.

F50 – rare car, as in the world there are 349 instances of this model. From 1995 to 2017 supercar, descended from the conveyor of the second, was in Germany, after which he was flown to the United States. For 25 years the car ran 5425 kilometres and suffered only one repair to replace the fuel tank (it cost 30 thousand euros).

The movement leads Ferrari F50 4.7-liter atmospheric V12 engine with a capacity of 520 horsepower. The engine works in pair with a six-speed manual transmission. Acceleration to “hundreds” supercar takes 3.9 seconds and top speed is 325 km / h.

According to preliminary data, this lot can bring to the auction house the 2.5-2.75 million dollars. Along with the car, the future owner will receive a certificate confirming his story. Auction will be held on 21-28 may.

The first of the newly released F50 to be auctioned in the summer of 2018. He also participated in international exhibitions, including at the auto shows in Geneva and Tokyo.

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