On the basis of Jeep Gladiator pickup truck camper made

On the basis of Jeep Gladiator pickup truck camper made


Prices on the American miracle in the field of automobile trips start from 32 $ 880. Folds the hinged of the van can be opened-to close in just one movement.


After the demonstration of your folding camping gear at the exhibition Overland Expo West in may of this year, the team FiftyTen finally ready to introduce its another project. The German firm will show a special box for midsize pickup Jeep Gladiator, which will be installed on the load platform of the car. The presentation will take place during the event, Overland Expo East this weekend.

A few moments ago, we got the first pictures of the new and prior information about it. The basis of the van is what the company calls a “tray”. It provides access to the interior on all three sides, and a clean place to store all your equipment. Representatives FiftyTen say that the fabric from which made the tent can be easily dismantled and stored when the truck will not be used for travel.

“What’s most important to our customers, so it’s an exciting adventure on the car and time well spent. Vital a good night’s sleep – it charges you the energy you need for your next exciting day. Our van will be good to sleep”.

FiftyTen claim that they need to be able to turn your truck into a camper in just “a few seconds.

You just need to unhook protective hook and all the rest will happen by itself. And the best part is that to close the Windows of the van almost as easily – you need to pull the hook down.


According to official data, the price of camper for Jeep Gladiator will be at least 32 $ 880 – this price of course does not include the price of the truck. The company will offer several options for interior decoration and a variety of colors.

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