On the basis of Mitsubishi L200 created the car of emergency medical aid Reform INFINA


When it comes to human health, the distance is measured not in kilometers but in time spent on the way to the patient. And speaking of saving human life is critical and every second counts. Even 10 miles will be for ambulance crews a real challenge when you have to go out on a call on rough roads or in their complete absence. Ukrainian company Reform created on the basis of all-wheel drive Mitsubishi L200 pick-up the first dedicated vehicle for emergency medical care INFINA, which should fix the problem with the mobility of medical personnel in regions where there is sharp a problem with the roads.

INFINA is a conceptually new ambulance car, which has no analogues in Ukraine, but there are those in Europe and in the world as ambulances, vehicles for rescue operations, police vehicles.

Mitsubishi L200 long established itself on the Ukrainian market as a practical pickup truck with four-wheel drive and economical fuel consumption, which will pass on any type of surface, and with the years will demonstrate exceptional quality characteristics in terms of wear resistance of details.

In picking Invite, which was used as the basis for Reform INFINA, available signature all-wheel drive Mitsubishi’s Easy Select 4WD with three modes: 2H (rear-wheel drive for asphalt covering), 4H (four-wheel drive, which can connect with the 2H mode at speeds up to 100 km/h) and 4L (low range gears provide higher torque during the slow movement in difficult road conditions), and the rigid locking rear differential minimizes the difference in speed between the rear wheels. Thus, during movement through mud, sand and on rocky surfaces guaranteed superior grip. Reform INFINA is equipped with the diesel engine of 2.4 liter capacity of 154 horsepower and a 6-speed manual transmission.

Keisuke Nishino, General Director of Mitsubishi Motors in Ukraine: “European and East Asian countries, the Mitsubishi SUV is often used as a base for the creation of specialized vehicles for ambulance, police, fire and rescue. This is justified by the traffic of utility vehicles and cost of maintenance. We are pleased that in Ukraine there is such a company as Reform who volunteered to help medical personnel in providing emergency assistance in the regions.”

Vasily Litvin, Director of Reform: “When choosing a vehicle to generate Reform INFINA, we proceeded from the following criteria: it must be reliable, economical, cheap. Good reputation automobile on the market, as well as its off-road characteristics play an important role as we created a prototype of a mobile ambulance for the regions where it is difficult to bring medical staff to the challenge due to the lack of road conditions. Mitsubishi L200 meets all our requirements. It is also important that in the future, when cars will appear INFINA Reform in the regions, the company has provided quality service throughout the territory of Ukraine”.

At the modeling stage INFINA engineers Reform put on the first place quick and quality work of medical personnel and the patient’s comfort. Inside the cabin is equipped with ventilator, defibrillator, side compartments there are 2 oxygen cylinder with a volume of 10 liters (compartment can accommodate a cylinder up to 80 l) with two connectors for the oxygen supply to the patient, and under the trim there is a gas pipeline to supply gas for medical use.

In the cabin a high level of sound-, heat-, vibration isolation, seat equipped with safety belts. It can accommodate two members of staff, the third person can sit in the cab with the driver. Flooring – waterproof, anti-static and resistant to disinfectants. In addition, there are special devices for securing medical devices and handrails.

This equipment mobile ambulance fully complies with the requirements of DSTU 7032:2009, class C. depending on the individual’s technical needs and wishes of the client the internal space INFINA can be rescheduled and completed with the necessary equipment.

Also, according to the standards, the car Reform INFINA has a corresponding color scheme, decals, and equipped with special light and sound signals.

Demo ambulance terrain created 9 months. The most time took the modeling and development patterns. In the future, the company Reform poised to transform the L200 pick-UPS under the car of emergency medical aid at the earliest, according to the wishes of Customers.

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