On the eve of the debut, Subaru revealed some secrets of the WRX

On the eve of the debut, Subaru revealed some secrets of the WRX


Subaru has previously said it will show the next WRX on August 19, and ahead of its debut, it has shared what is likely the latest teaser. Despite the fact that in the video the model is almost completely hidden under clouds of dust, you can still see something.

If you pause where the car is passing directly in front of the camera, you can see the side profile of the all-wheel drive. The roofline is not much different from the current model, as are the windows. At the same time, the design has become smoother without sharp lines.

All-New 2022 WRX Teaser

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Published by Subaru of America, Inc. Tuesday 17 August 2021

What else can be clearly seen in the video is the handle of the mechanical box. There is a version that it will be combined with a 2.4-liter turbocharged internal combustion engine. The power of the unit will be over 260 and even 300 hp. However, the difference with the WRX STI will still be noticeable: the latter is promised as much as 405 hp. (298 kW).

Build a model on a different architecture with four-wheel drive. It is said that specialists from Toyota took part in its development. With their help, a new generation of BRZ has recently been released.

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