On the Jimny across the Atlantic

On the Jimny across the Atlantic


Dutton, a British company involved in the creation of kits for vehicle modifications, has released a special technical set to turn a miniature Japanese Suzuki Jimny SUV in the car-amphibian, which can fully swim.

To give the opportunity for old Suzuki Jimny to overcome water obstacles, British engineers have developed a water jet reactive propulsion system which is mounted on a SUV. According to the developers, manage the amphibian on water is no more difficult than a car on land. To switch the drivetrain from the wheels on the jet have to squeeze the clutch and switch a few levers. And to control the direction and flow rate of the jet can with the steering wheel and gas pedal.

To prevent corrosion, to create the amphibian engineers have used materials from plastic and stainless steel. To turn a Suzuki Jimny in the amphibian two ways: to buy a ready-made set for 11 690 pounds (about 14 $ 200 at current exchange rates) and convert the car yourself. Or to use the service for the installation of the kit the British company. In this case, the final price of the SUV amphibious will be 21 690 pounds (about 26 $ 400).


In 2018, Suzuki introduced the Jimny fourth generation, which is one of the most compact SUVs in the world. At the same time, due to the low weight, which is about a ton, as well as all-wheel drive, the car is also incredibly passable. The SUV is equipped with a gasoline engine of 0.7 liter that produces 102 horsepower. The engine is paired with automatic or manual transmission.

Lately there are more information about possible modifications of Suzuki Jimny. For example, at the beginning of April it became known that the Japanese company may issue a five-door car with a long wheelbase and greater trunk volume, which will be sold in India.

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