On the new Escalade, the outgoing generation in the US offer a discount of 19 000 dollars

On the new Escalade, the outgoing generation in the US offer a discount of 19 000 dollars


Not yet entered in the sale, which debuted in early February, the Cadillac Escalade is the fifth generation of the already oppressed by the previous generation. Of course, potential buyers will want to get a new (and no wonder, because in the new Escalade, there are many options that are not available in the previous model), but “get rid of” new car of the previous generation got.


Therefore, in the course were put the most proven way to convince a client address to his wallet. So the owners of SUVs 2014-2017 release received by e-mail of the letter with offer of discounts. The price for these buyers until the second of March will be reduced by $ 10,000. And besides, there is a discount available to all buyers – $ 9,000. So the new terms of the first owner (but not new from the standpoint of the current generation) Escalade you can get a discount of 19 000 dollars.

Сadillac Escalade fifth generation

The price of the flagship SUV from Cadillac in the United States start at $ 420 76; with various options, its cost can confidently cross the threshold of $ 100,000. Anyway, take 19 000 of the value of any configuration is a very good deal. Not to mention the fact that the States have the ability to bargain with the dealer, and it means – to get more (though not significant) discount.

But quite possibly, even those of the buyers who would seriously consider such a purchase, it’s worth to wait for the fifth generation of the model. Among the amenities of the new Escalades and independent rear suspension (before the bridge), and the ability to get a diesel engine and pneumatic system, and the increased dimensions, and, of course, a list of available equipment (three OLED display in front of the driver, audio system 36 speaker, as well as advanced complex Super Cruise automated driving of the third level).

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