“On the same rake…”: supply Golf 8 suspended

“On the same rake…”: supply Golf 8 suspended


With a similar problem in Volkswagen have already met in preparation for the start of sales of electro hatchback costs ID.3. But the firstborn of electrochemisty was recognized for the company as an important model that a software problem I decided to eliminate the “on the fly” – to revise the delivery schedule ID.3 the company refused.

But with the “Golf” situation, apparently, is somewhat different. As reported by Automotive News, VW’s engineers found that among the abundance of various multimedia innovations, online services and driver’s assistants looked at one – but quite important – error. Some VW Golf eighth generation does not work correctly in the system emergency calls. The installation of this system in the EU is now considered a mandatory requirement.


According to German media reports, referenced edition, Volkswagen has detected problems in the system during the standard quality tests. It is unknown how many vehicles equipped with misbehaving electronics, but the company said that work on the upgrading has already started.

Production of the VW Golf to stop will not, but sending the cars to dealerships, the company will hold. All the collected “Socks” prior to the completion of the update (presumably mid June) leave on storage in warehouses. A implemented car, apparently waiting for a service campaign or unscheduled upgrade of software “over the air”.

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