On the streets of London were the vending machines


On this device for three months worked hard for engineers of “Auto Trader”. Now inside of this unusual vending machine is one instance of the Renault Zoe.

One of the Central streets of London passers-by surprised unusual machine selling full-size cars. This writes the overseas edition Carscoops, adding that on this machine for three months worked with a team of six engineers of the company “Auto Trader”. He got a block for cars with glass walls, automatic doors, and a contactless payment terminal. The variety of models and brands in this unusual point of speech does not go yet.


In the window in a single copy of the Renault Zoe flaunts in a black color. This model is considered to be one of the most anticipated electric cars in the UK. According to “Auto Trader”, just last month Zoe appeared in search queries 463 thousand times.

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Another reason why the Renault Zoe has appeared in a street vending machine is its price tag that fits in mounted on the device limit: 21 thousand pounds or 25 $ 500. Zoe asked for 16 thousand pounds sterling (about 19 $ 400). This project is the title of the pilot. With the help of the experts will be able to understand how the British are interested in today’s popular environmentally friendly transport, as well as in the instant vehicle purchases.

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