“On two chairs one …”: the duties of a new chief Audi

“On two chairs one …”: the duties of a new chief Audi


As they say in the company boss “will accelerate processes and streamline the structure of the technical development Department at a critical moment digital and environmental upheavals.”

New Audi CEO Marcus Duesmann (in parallel he is Chairman of the Board of Audi) will continue to reform its research and development Department, yesterday received the load of one post member of the Board of Directors responsible for technical development. The goal is to accelerate the promotion of the brand on the path of digitization, artificial intelligence, and electric mobility. The daily work of engineers will coordinate chief operating officer (who is the company has not yet indicated).

Last year and a half of technical development at Audi led by Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler, who worked in the Volkswagen group since 1986, including at various times responsible for the technical development of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Skoda and Bentley. Rothenpieler left Audi and the Volkswagen Group on their own.


Reorganization of the technical Department, along with the recent launch of hi-tech of the Artemis project, to help Ingolstadt’s lead in future developments within the group. We have said that Duesmann in addition to all his posts also is a member of the Board of Volkswagen Group, responsible for research and development of the auto giant.

Rothenpieler laid the Foundation to move Audi to mass production of electric vehicles, starting with “e-tron”. The number of such models will increase.

This link Volkswagen and Audi will be strengthened in July or August. Then there will be a meeting of the Audi, which is Volkswagen Group will repurchase from minority shareholders missing 0,36% of the shares in Audi. Now the concern owns 99,64% Ingolstadt firm. According to Automotive News, it will be spent about 237 million euros, and the shares will be repurchased at a price significantly above the market rate (€1551 against €1050 per share). This will allow the group to monitor Audi 100%. It is worth remembering that the “four rings” fell into the hands of Volkswagen in 1964, and then Volkswagen bought 50% of the company is that of the giant Daimler-Benz. More specifically, the purchase was firm, Auto Union, including the brands DKW and Audi, and already the Auto Union later transformed into a modern company Audi AG.

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