On what mileage Tesla Model 3 is less harmful to the environment than the crossover with the DVS?

On what mileage Tesla Model 3 is less harmful to the environment than the crossover with the DVS?


Toyota, which actively promotes hybrid cars, regularly talks about the environmental impact of the production of electric cars. At the same time, independent experts have their own point of view on the “safety” of such machines for the environment.

Experts managed to find out that the carbon footprint of the Tesla Model 3 electric car for the first time is higher than that of the same Japanese Toyota RAV4 SUV with a traditional engine under the hood.

The Wall Street Journal teamed up with University of Toronto scientists to conduct its own research. According to their observations, with the release of the Model 3 sedan, greenhouse gas emissions are 12.2 tons. For this important indicator, the electric car is ahead of the RAV4 – about 7.4 tons. In the production of electric cars, batteries are needed, and their production is not possible without special metals. Their extraction is damaging to the environment.

During operation, an electric car turns out to be more environmentally friendly: the emission of harmful substances is 34% lower than that of a crossover with an internal combustion engine. When the mileage of both cars is about 33 thousand kilometers, their carbon footprint will be almost the same. After this mark, Tesla will begin to pollute the environment less. And with an escape of 320 thousand kilometers, the negative impact of the RAV4 on the environment will be twice as high as that of the American electric sedan.

It turns out that electric cars become more environmentally friendly only with long-term use.

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