Once we argued a Formula 1 car, a Formula E car and a WRC rally car.

Once we argued a Formula 1 car, a Formula E car and a WRC rally car.


The WRC World Rally Championship, Formula 1 and Formula E are some of the best motorsport in the world. Top Gear was able to select a vehicle from each of these series for joint drag racing to see which one was the fastest in this type of speed competition.

Specifically, a WRC car is a Ford Fiesta. The Formula E car is represented by a racing car from the DS team.

Finally, Formula 1 is presented by Mercedes-AMG.

It’s worth noting that for this drag race, the runway was wet and the Fiesta WRC’s AWD system had a distinct advantage in these conditions. Ford was far ahead of its competitors, but it didn’t last long.

Mercedes-AMG F1 takes the lead and never gives up again. On a wet runway, his tires kicked up high tails of water.

The DS Formula E car will finish last. The electric car has never been a real competitor in drag racing. Rally cars tend to have a shorter gear because high top speed is not a priority when tackling tight terrain.

On a dry track, we expect the results to be similar. A Formula 1 car could win by a wide margin, but a WRC all-wheel drive car is still likely to beat a Formula E race car.

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