One for three: VAG prepares new “multi-brand” electric car

One for three: VAG prepares new “multi-brand” electric car


As it became known earlier, the Volkswagen Group is developing a mysterious electric car codenamed Landjet, which should come to life as a production model of several brands at once: Audi, Bentley and Porsche. The chief designer of Audi told Car & Driver that the promising “multi-brand” electric car will receive, in his words, a “revolutionary” design and urged to forget about the current corporate identity of the brand, because it will look “completely different”. Most likely, the Landjet will be a gran turismo with an electric power plant and an advanced autonomous driving system.

According to insiders, the mysterious electric car will get three rows of seats in the cabin and seven seats, but despite the layout, it will have a classic three-volume body – in internal documents of the concern, the main competitor is called the Tesla Model S, not the Model X. Probably, the placement of three rows of seats in the cabin will be achieved due to the absence of an internal combustion engine, so with a similar layout and dimensions, the Landjet will be more spacious than, for example, the largest sedan in the Audi line – the A8 model. The first version of the electric car from Audi will appear on the assembly line – approximately in 2024.

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