“One for two”: GM and Honda will start joint production of electric cars


In this partnership the American group will be responsible for the technical component, and the Japanese design.

American General Motors and Japanese Honda will start joint production of electric cars. There are two electric cars, whose appearance on the market is tentatively scheduled for 2024. These machines will use a scalable platform from GM and the battery Ultium. The General Motors platform is very flexible – it allows you to use the layout with the front, rear or all-wheel drive.

Also, it is possible both vertical and horizontal arrangement of the batteries with the right selection you can more effectively accumulate energy for various types of vehicles. In turn, the Japanese automaker will slightly reconfigure architecture to suit your needs, and will create a completely unique design new machines. This will be done based on the needs and relevance on the market.


The partnership agreement will be very beneficial for both companies. Honda will be able to avoid unnecessary costs to the development of the platform and batteries.

As for GM best condition will be assembling cars at its own plant in the USA is optimizing the enterprise to load the conveyors and more efficient use of production capacity. Recall that Honda and GM have already worked in the development of fuel cells and Autonomous driving for Cruise Origin.

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