One of a kind sports 3ИЛ-112C shown in the Network

One of a kind sports 3ИЛ-112C shown in the Network


In the Network published photos of the sports car from USSR ZIL-112S. The only surviving copy of the model is in Riga “Motor Museum”.

ZIL-112S (formerly ZIS-112 P) is the last and most famous sports car, developed in the laboratory of fast cars ZIL. Development sports model started in 1957, the first prototype was able to collect in 1961, the second was built in 1962. The design of ZIS-112S widely used components and assemblies from the GAZ-21 and ZIL-111.

The vehicle chassis consists of a spatial tubular frame and body parts were made of fiberglass panels. The Roadster has the following dimensions: length 4200 mm, width 1640 mm, height 915 mm, base 2600 mm wheel track 1350 mm.


The cars were powered by 6.0-litre engines ZIL-111 with a capacity of 240-270 HP or 200-horsepower engine GAZ-13. The power plant was paired with a 3-studentoj transmission, borrowed from the ZIS-110, with a lightweight aluminum crankcase. Weight ZIL-112S was 1330 kg, from a standstill to 100 km/h the car can accelerate in 4.5–5 seconds, top speed limited at around 260-280 km/h. the Roadster has received the independent (spring) the front suspension on two wishbone from the aforementioned “Volga” GAZ-21, rear semi-original (box springs), disc brakes on all wheels.

Of the design features of the model worth noting fiberglass body, removable steering wheel, the rear suspension from a bearing beam type “De Dion”, and the application of limited-slip differential, and a wing of the Central nuts of the wheels of the type “Rug-Whitworth”, this solution provided a quick replacement during the race.

Unfortunately, sports ZIL has not received further development and went into production. In the second half of 1960-ies of the laboratory of fast cars ZIL was closed. In the second half of the 1970s both instances sports Zillah went to Latvia.

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