One of a kind universal Tesla for sale

One of a kind universal Tesla for sale


More “down to earth” version of the Tesla Model S, where the us liftback designers from England (company Qwest Norfolk) “put” the trunk, you can get for much more modest money. But the fact of the matter is that it looks so Telsa, as they say, an acquired taste, a nice flowing roofline replaces the liftback too utilitarian trunk.

Out on the grid at Goodwood breakfast club earlier today. Amazing how many people came to a very wet and windy estate car event

Posted Qwest Norfolk Nedilya, 3 March 2019 R.

Another thing – the Tesla Model SB. In 2017 the Dutch collector Floris de Raadt (Floris de Raadt) decided to turn Tesla Model S into the car with a body Shooting Brake, a fan of which he is. To this end, he appealed to the design Studio RemetzCar.


De Raadt really liked the silhouette of the Jaguar XF Sportbrake, therefore, the request for the workshop was simple – add the Tesla trunk of the Jaguar. But he explained that to do this the robot has no sense, because Model S aluminum body, whereas the XF Sportbrake – steel.

So it was decided to equip the cart with custom details. The design of a future Shooting Brake drew a then little-known designer Niels van Roy (Niels van Roij). His idea was to decorate the car a chrome insert along the entire window line, which, extending to the trunk, would give the “dialog” element a little more “ease”.

Over time, Floris de Raadt realized that the project budget greatly exceeds initial expectations. Therefore, a plan was drafted, which (together with the company RemetzCar and van Roy) raat will alter Tesla Model Shooting Brake and other buyers, getting from this profit.

Was calculated the initial cost of the works and even created the website. But custom Tesla needed in an increasing budget (and hence other – promising – S Modes), so the project had to be cancelled. And now Tesla Model SB exists in a single copy.

Today it is for sale, venue – JB Classic Cars (which are engaged not only in selling classic cars and restoration). Price 185 555 euros (without tax if the purchaser, for example, is not a citizen of the European Union), tax – 224 522 euros. It seems a good alternative is a hybrid the Porsche Panamera Turbo, if you really really like the silhouette of a Shooting Brake.

On the other hand, for the money you can get a one of a kind instance of a Tesla Model SB with a unique custom modifications is the highest “factory” level (after all, this car was presented at the Geneva motor show, receiving rave reviews). With extraordinary color (green with gold shimmer) and an updated interior with green stitching on the seats. And, of course, with the same “iron” the American electric car: 85-kilowatt battery, 600 Nm of torque and 400 kilometers on a single charge.

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