One of the Ford bosses trolled Tesla for which he paid the price.

One of the Ford bosses trolled Tesla for which he paid the price.


Ford’s chief communications officer, Mike Levine, is at the center of a scandal after sharing a tweet from a disgruntled Tesla owner. He was attacked by both Tesla fans and Ford opponents.

RBC-Ukraine Auto reports this with a link to CarScoops.

On December 26, Levin shared a tweet from Tesla Model Y owner Noah Webb, who was outraged that just four days after the delivery of his electric SUV, he heard squeaks and rattles in the cabin, found a water leak under the glove box, noticed problems with heating the cabin. A Ford executive commented on this post:

“It’s sad to see a hapless Tesla customer. Will you help him?”

Dozens of Tesla owners and several disgruntled Ford owners soon launched a counter-attack – noting that Ford had enough quality issues of its own to focus on.

In one of the tweets, the owner of the 2021 Bronco reported that he waited 512 days to receive the SUV and on the second day of ownership he heard a loud ticking sound from the engine compartment. Another ex-Ford owner claims that his F-150 was constantly overheating, and his mother’s Lincoln was damaged by Ford repairmen during warranty work. And he said that he now drives a Tesla Model 3, and his mother has a Model S.

“Worry about your own problems,” another Twitter user commented on Levine’s post. “Ford Bronco crossovers come with leaking roofs, mismatched interior trims, unpainted body panels, loose radiator hoses, etc. Not to mention the 2.7-liter engines that are falling apart and the tie rods are failing.”

Incidentally, this is not the first time a Ford executive has followed Tesla on Twitter. For example, in March, Levin suggested that Tesla customers who paid $ 10,000 for the “Full-Self Driving” autopilot feature received “parasitic software” as a supplement. He also criticized Tesla in April after the automaker raised prices for its solar rooftops.

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