Online sale “Gaelic”, which can be thrown out of the helicopter

Online sale “Gaelic”, which can be thrown out of the helicopter


Tuners from Expedition Motor Company back to life ex army Mercedes-Benz G-Class 1991 release.

For the development of this Gelandewagen from the experts took over thousands of hours. At first the machine was completely dismantled and replaced all worn out components and assemblies.

Standard optics were replaced with led, as well as the tuners equipped the car with a snorkel and canister.


The suspension is also completely redesigned, instead of the usual reinforced spring set from Eibach, among other things, used Bilstein shocks. On the sides of the body special lugs for transportation by helicopter.

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5-cylinder diesel power unit of 2.5 liters have survived the overhaul, modernization also touched a 5-speed manual gearbox, transfer box and differentials. To buy a similar Mercedes-Benz G-CLass 92 can $ 150.

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