Only 5 in the world! The Zonda Cinque | DIY Top Gear Uncovered

Only 5 in the world! The Zonda Cinque | DIY Top Gear Uncovered


Richard couldn’t just come all the way to Italy and not drive a Zonda. But this is no ordinary Zonda. This is the Cinque, and goes all the way up to 11. And, when this was filmed, it was going to be the very last one Zonda ever made.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

yes that is a lot of money but two things first of all well you know feeds on that I couldn’t really come all the way here to talk about fashion and cars and not drive one of these and secondly this no Rozonda if such a thing existed because this is this under the warm weather volume really does go up to 11 I know this is getting like status quo farewell tours but apparently this really is the final explosive goodbye of my absolute favorite supercar only five of these will be made I just look at it and that stripe and everything else just look at it how can it get better than this well try putting your foot down that’s how it gets better at 7.3 liter v12 678 bhp a top speed of 220 miles an hour nothing else on four wheels at the same sense of the crazy and if you sort of get back in the summer you’ll remember us getting all in a lather about another amazing figure stopping power from 125 miles an hour to nothing in 4.3 seconds but that’s not all just an too strong brakes this car is 40 kilograms lighter than a normal Zonda the suspension is made of titanium and magnesium even the wheel nuts are made of titanium if in this modern world of high-tech composite materials carbon fiber is no longer enough to float your boat fear not because the body tug of the Cinque he’s made of a new composite material that blends carbon fibre and titanium and they’ve called it carbotanium no idea what it does really I just know that I want a house made of it carbotanium that’s what Superman’s creaky box would be made of don’t worry my carbotanium box will protect my plums but we didn’t come here for a chemistry lesson we came here to learn about passion it was ten years ago than the guy who started on the mr. Pagani set up shop in partner pulled up a chair of the Dexter mr. Ferrari mr. Lamborghini and said Jeff’s I want a piece of the action and they’d probably scoffed at love because many have tried that before Hall of Fame ten years later though Sanda is still around more than that a car like this and I’ll take no argument on this point it’s the bedroom wall pinup for the 21st century Ferrari Lamborghini you have lost that crown and that ends the final lesson so if you don’t mind before a man comes and takes this car I’m gonna get any you you

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