Only Japan: very rare BMW X7

Only Japan: very rare BMW X7


BMW Individual has launched a limited edition BMW X7 crossover called Nishijin Edition on the Japanese market. The special edition will only be printed in three copies, each costing 16.8 million yen, or $ 152,100. The car interiors are decorated with decorative elements from the BMW Individual catalog, expensive Merino leather and exquisite Nishijin-ori textiles, which will be appreciated by those who are interested in the traditional crafts of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Nishijin-ori is a traditional Japanese textile originally from the Nishijin region of Kyoto. Like 300 years ago, it is made from rice paper, golden-silver foil and dyed silk threads. The patterns on this fabric look like they are embroidered, but in reality it is a single woven fabric.

In the BMW X7 nishijin-ori, at least the center armrest will be upholstered – the fabric on the headliner only demonstrates the general design idea. The textiles were made in the Kano-ko workshop, founded in 1889, and the technique for the armrest was slightly changed: silk is intertwined with thin strips of Merino leather trimmed with foil, which Rakugei Kobo worked on. White elements on the fabric – the so-called Kyoun, or auspicious cloud.

All other d├ęcor is due to the BMW Individual Personalization Department. So, for the special series X7, an unusual color scheme Ametrine with a Xirallic pigment was chosen, consisting of aluminum oxide plates coated with titanium oxide. Thanks to metallic inclusions, the paint shines and shimmers in the sun. The crossover seats are trimmed in ivory Merino leather and the headlining in Alcantara.

The Nishijin Special Edition is based on the X7 xDrive40d Design Pure Excellence modification worth 12,500,000 yen ($ 113,200). The crossover is equipped with a 3.0 six-cylinder diesel engine (340 hp and 700 Nm) with a moderate 48-volt hybrid system, an eight-band automatic and four-wheel drive. Customers will receive their cars before the end of this year or a little later.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test comparison of the BMW X7 from the FineAuto team:

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