Only USA: VW Atlas Cross Sport GT

Only USA: VW Atlas Cross Sport GT


This car was not developed by Volkswagen itself, but by order of its American division.

The debut of the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport GT show car was timed to coincide with the launch of the new generation Golf GTI and Golf R hot hatches on the local market, and with their help the brand intends to further attract the attention of customers to the Volkswagen Atlas crossover. In fact, the unusual Atlas Cross Sport GT is the combination of the Atlas model and the powerful Golf.

The Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport GT was built by Jamie Orr, a well-known US enthusiast from Volkswagen. To begin with, he installed an engine from the previous generation Golf R hatchback into the original Atlas Cross Sport model. This is a turbo unit 2.0 TSI with a capacity of 300 hp, which works with a seven-stage “robot” DSG. the 4Motion transmission with the rear axle clutch remained unchanged.

Other features of the new Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport GT include a lowered suspension, 22-inch wheels from the German company Abt, and Tarox front brakes with 8-piston mechanisms. The body of the show car was painted blue from the European palette of the Volkswagen brand and deprived of chrome decor. And inside the car, four separate Recaro seats and an original transmission control lever were installed. This Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport GT will participate in official company events in the United States and will also appear in commercials. Such a car will not go into mass production.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of the new VW Arteon from the FineAuto team:

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