Opel Corsa and Corsa-e – winner of AUTOBEST “Best Buy Car of Europe in 2020”


New Opel Corsa sixth generation actively began his career in September had its world premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt, the first model is available as electric vehicle Corsa-e. And now the best-selling compact car awarded the prestigious title of “Best Car of Europe 2020 for sale” (“Best Buy Car of Europe in 2020”). The international jury of AUTOBEST, consisting of 31 journalists, chose a new from Opel as the winner – as the car that offers the greatest amount of benefits at an affordable price. The experts verified the advantages of the new Opel during the final test drive in Istanbul. Electric vehicle Corsa-e from the company Opel is a compact and convenient electric car for everyone: usability Corsa, complete lack of CO2 emissions, the range of up to 337 kilometers (according to WLTP). Another significant event was the hat-trick of the competition AUTOBEST: no other model has been named “Best Car of Europe” in three generations of models in a row.

“We are very pleased to receive this award,” shared General Director of the Opel Brand Michael Vosseller (Michael Lohscheller). He said:

“The verdict of the independent journalists-professionals shows that model Opel Corsa we created a car for all buyers whom understand that the future has already arrived. A modern and efficient car that offers good facilities and a dynamic driving style. And all this at a price that you can afford. The new Opel Corsa, as a three-time winner of the competition AUTOBEST, in his example shows that with each new generation of cars we are implementing your promise to make the technology accessible to a wide range of buyers.”

Dan Vardy (Dan Vardie), founder and Chairman of AUTOBEST, said:

“Last year at the competition AUTOBEST, we stated that the next winner of the main competition “Best Buy Car of Europe” should be the best electric car. This is what happened – in the form of Opel Corsa and Corsa-e, which is a perfect example of electrification for the mass buyer. Thanks to the new platform, allowing the use of different powertrains, the new generation Opel Corsa is available to all – because the car has to offer like the version with the engine, so a fully electric version. The current winner of AUTOBEST – the first car in our history, which began to build the link between the present and the future, between classic and avant-garde technology. New Opel Corsa is the first one that makes electric cars more affordable and accessible to people, allowing you to confidently perceive electric cars as the future norm motorists.”

We will remind that else in 2007 and 2015 fourth and fifth generation Opel Corsa has won the prestigious title of AUTOBEST. Last year this award was the Opel Combo Life. Now new Opel Corsa and Corsa-e continue the glorious tradition. The recipe for success is well known: the Opel model Corsa combines the convenience of daily operation, advanced technology, excellent efficiency, exciting design, fun driving. Each option Corsa is equipped with many modern driver assistance systems. For example: warning on the possibility of collision with the function of automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, intelligent cruise control, warning system exit lanes, recognizing road signs.

The electric car Opel Corsa-e is one of the starting points from which starts the electrification of the Opel Brand. So, all models Opel will be electrified by 2024 – and then customers will be able to choose “e”-option for each model. In addition, electric commercial vans are the perfect transportation “last mile” in city centres. Therefore, in the next year, the serial production will be launched Vivaro van-e, and in 2021 will appear electrified version of the Life models, Opel Combo, Opel Combo Cargo, Opel Zafira Life.

In Ukraine, the new Opel Corsa will be presented in March 2020, which will allow the Brand to offer customers stylish and high-tech compact car with a tempting price. The list of available versions and engines, as well as accurate car prices to be announced closer to start of sales model in Ukraine.

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