Opel has announced a new sub-brand for electric vehicles

Opel has announced a new sub-brand for electric vehicles


It is expected that immediately after the serial hatchback Opel Corsa-E will be published the updated electric van Vivaro-E. it will already Happen next year.

The head of the company Vauxhall Stephen Norman said that the plans of the brand, which is a sister brand Opel, it appears the goal is to revive the VXR sub-brand for all-electric line of machines. It is known that along with the “charged” version of the acclaimed “green” hatchback Corsa-e, which are waiting for debut in 2020, there will be electroforged new generation Vivaro VXR-E.


Interest in developments in the field of environmentally friendly cars today are showing many of the automakers. Therefore, the desire to allocate Opel electric cars under a separate sub-brand coincides with the dominant trends.

Norman also gave an assessment of the current British market, to which the political and economic situation in the country has left its negative imprint. He called it “incredibly difficult” object, where the real seething passions: the company, sparing no effort and resources, trying to sell large stocks ordered back in early 2019.

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