Opel has introduced a new urban electric car Opel Rocks-e

Opel has introduced a new urban electric car Opel Rocks-e


Opel has introduced the Rocks-e electric ATV, which will be driven in Germany by teenagers over 15 years of age with AM category moped rights. The electric car accelerates to 45 kilometers per hour and drives only 75 kilometers on a single battery charge, but it will be inexpensive by the standards of modern electric vehicles – about seven thousand euros. The automaker promises that the ATV can be charged from a regular outlet, and the whole process will take about 3.5 hours.

The Opel Rocks-e is a facelifted Citroen Ami that debuted in 2020 and is already on sale in France. The management of the Stellantis concern, which includes both brands, apparently decided that the model of the local brand would be very popular with German teenagers, so the Ami slightly tweaked the appearance and replaced the logos with Opel.

The ATV is driven by an eight horsepower (six kilowatt) electric motor, which is powered by a 5.5 kilowatt-hour battery. A three meter long charging cable is included in the basic set of equipment.

Opel classifies the new product as SUM (Sustainable Urban Mobility) and considers e-Rocks to be an intermediate link between scooters and cars. Sales in Germany will begin in the fall, and in 2022 the ATV will appear in other European markets.

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