Opel has started testing its electric rally Corsa-e

Opel has started testing its electric rally Corsa-e


The first ever electric car rally to debut next year.

Opel has begun testing the strength of his new all-electric rally car Corsa e-Rally Cup, which is the first in a world rally car with rechargeable battery. The car is being tested in a private test center Dudenhofen in Germany, managed Opel, which includes a three-mile high-speed road and 900 meters of rough road the Belgian paving.

“We have two objectives. Both cars overcome the maximum possible number of miles to collect the maximum amount of data at an early stage. We have no experience in using rally electric car, so initially we had to rely on calculations and simulations. They are gradually replaced with real data. The other direction is the management of load and temperature of the battery, as well as adaptation of the software. I am pleased to report that our program goes smoothly,” – said the head of Opel Motorsport Joerg Schrott.

After completion of this phase of tests for the Corsa-e Rally Opel will create another prototype, which will serve as the basis for future production cars. Originally to be released about 20 copies of the car with a 136-horsepower motors, the first 15 of which will be delivered in the summer to a special education the first test event.

“In the car with the corporate Cup, it is important that productivity remains constant and is available under all conditions. The equipment must guarantee equal opportunities for all participants. We also decided that the Corsa-e Rally need to meet or even exceed the high standards of its predecessor with a petrol engine, the Opel Adam Cup. We also are on the right track. While the power output is almost the same, torque of 260 Nm is much higher than the Adam Cup,” said Schrott.


The head added that the vehicle will have a lower center of gravity thanks to the battery that is installed under the floor, as well as excellent weight distribution, which is extremely important for a fast car. It remains to balance the settings of the chassis, and in January the company will start to model some real rally stages.

In Corsa-e Rally uses the same battery as in electric Corsa serial device with the capacity of 50 kWh, providing a range of 337 km in accordance with the WLTP. Rally car has three modes: “Competition”, providing full power and a maximum torque of at least 60 kilometers; the “rain mode” which gives the torque curve, adapted to the slippery surface; and energy-saving “eco-mode” intended for use between the stages and to service.

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