Opel Insignia 2.0 CDTI. What is wrong with you?

Opel Insignia 2.0 CDTI. What is wrong with you?


Testing the Opel Insignia, we want to answer (you and myself) on a pretty challenging question: “Why are our roads these liftbek so little?”. Because the fact is obvious: for 2019, the new Insignia were sold in Ukraine only 29 copies.

So what’s the problem? Perhaps it was the fact that the Opel brand has again started full operation in our market only at the end of 2018, and therefore the model was not able to provide it.

And perhaps it is still in the consumer qualities of the car? With this we intend to deal during the test, demonstrating that Insignia is really worth a praise, and for that we can safely criticize.

During this test you will learn about two – and so much available in our market models, about what a good “base” (with a pretty solid list of equipment), and why also should look to the more expensive version. After all, the 2.0-litre turbo-diesel motor (with a return of 170 HP and 400 Nm of torque), paired with eight-speed “torque Converter” Aisin, seems a pretty tempting option.

We will demonstrate the actual performance of the booster dynamics, and compare them with the stated in the passport data. Talk about how did the engineers properly configure the collaboration of the engine and gearbox. Do not forget to mention the fuel consumption.

We in detail analyze the characteristics of the suspension of the car, talk about how the steering is configured, discuss on the wheels what size of drive would be optimal.

In the test we also carefully consider the salon Insignia: the smooth clean lines of the interior (which, without remorse can be called rustic), really comfy chairs, materials and details that were neglected. Show looks like a multimedia system, which will delight you with worry-free user experience and simple design. Of course, talk about the features of sound insulation and that the engine compartment was in this plan too little attention.

And will also be surprised at matrix head light (with sixteen diodes in each headlight), which is the base vehicle. And that is really good at his job.

In short, you have to come twenty minutes unfolding the Opel Insignia on the shelves. Pleasant viewing!

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