Opel Manta GSe: old-new electric car

Opel Manta GSe: old-new electric car


Opel recently released an image of a redesigned Opel Manta A with an electric powertrain. We can now see more, including a possible hint of a new Opel label.

Just a month ago, Opel introduced the Manta GSe Electromod. Then we managed to see it only from above, but now there are more images. The Manta A has received the Vizor Grille from Opel, the new face of Opel that can now be seen on the new Mokka and Crossland models. In addition, Opel has already said that, as the name suggests, Manta will use an electric powertrain.

While Opel hasn’t disclosed any details, the Manta appears to be a subtle hint of the electric future of other Opel models. The brand says the Manta GSe will have a “fully digital cockpit”, possibly similar to the 2-screen layout in the new Mokka. At the front of the Manta is the Vizor grille, which is a single black bezel with headlights and badge, and acts as a screen on which Opel creates various renderings. One of them is the GSe logo, which is a prefix to Manta, where the letter “e” stands for electrification.

The name of the new Manta GSe Elektromod is a tribute not only to the electric power supply under the classic body, but also to the Opel Elektro GT, a version of the subcompact sports car that set speed records for electric vehicles in the 1970s.

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