Opel Mokka tested on the “moose test”

Opel Mokka tested on the “moose test”


Experts of the YouTube channel km77.com decided to test the Opel Mokka crossover on the so-called “moose test”.

As a result of the so-called “moose test”, the Opel Mokka crossover, built on a French chassis, demonstrated a fairly high top speed on the test – 76 km / h. Note that YouTube channel testers consider the threshold of 77 km / h to be the test indicator.

At the same time, the Opel Mokka stopped just one step away from the required result of 77 km / h. In addition, it is reported that the model at a speed of 77 km / h almost kept within the marked corridor.

Also, experts noted the reliable handling of the Opel Mokka on a double rearrangement and during the passage of the “snake”. Recall that the second generation Opel Mokka model is available on the Ukrainian market at a price of $ 21,300.

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