Opel will announce the concept Corsa-e Rally in Frankfurt

Opel will announce the concept Corsa-e Rally in Frankfurt


Many world premieres awaiting visitors to the motor show in Frankfurt this year, were shown online in a few weeks, if not months.

It certainly reduces the element of surprise for those who know the latest news in the world of cars, but that’s exactly what happens today in the automotive industry. For example, Opel has shown the first pictures of the brand new Corsa on 23 may, and since then we have seen several variants of the supermini, including a rally variation of the Corsa-e EV.

In fact, this concept, which is a rally car for e ADAC Opel Rally Cup, which is considered the first in the world rally Cup for electric cars. Based on a road car Corsa-e, Opel Corsa-e Rally will replace Adam on the stages of the rally, with its electric drivetrain, issuing 136 HP (100 kW / 134 HP) and 260 Nm (192 lb-ft) of instant torque sent to the front wheels.


Under the assumptions, the Opel Corsa-e Rally will cost quite less than 50,000 euros (about 55 $ 165 US), and is equipped with the same battery capacity of 50 kWh, and a road car, but has lots of features associated with the rally, including suspension, integrated safety cage, electric fire extinguisher, bucket seat, Motorsport display with data logger, quick disconnect mounting for the bonnet and tailgate and much more.

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