Opel will release a cross-version of the model Insignia

Opel will release a cross-version of the model Insignia


New Vauxhall Insignia will become a crossover that will increase sales and data pictures pozvolyaet how it will look.

You may be surprised when you see the new Vauxhall Insignia.

Although sales models and family sedans quickly fell due to the onslaught of SUVs, Vauxhall adopted a new approach, which, in his opinion, could revive interest in Insignia.


“Industry is asking what will happen after the SUV,” said us Stephen Norman. “And we think that the new Insignia will be. It is the greatest metamorphosis that we’ve seen so far from Vauxhall”.

Despite the fact that Norman wouldn’t have to go into further details, we understand that the current, undersized Insignia Grand Sport – which has just been updated – will be replaced with a crossover that is somewhere between SUV and MPV.

This does not mean that the model will get a seven-seat interior, but it will be more expensive and spacious, all terrain vehicle, similar to the latest Renault Espace, the car that is not currently sold in the UK. The data show the footage might look like the new Insignia.

As in the case with the next Astra, Insignia will switch to its current platform and technology engines developed by previous owner GM, and will benefit from the new systems for the PSA group.

This means that the technology platform EMP2 promises less weight and the related increase in efficiency, as well as the latest infotainment system and driver assistance system.

Likely at least one hybrid version, and maybe more. In vehicles larger than the Astra, the larger petrol and diesel engines will become a problem without increasing the average value of CO2, therefore, focusing on technologies plug-in modules.


Vauxhall is not alone in thinking about the radical way to replace your family car. Rumor has it that Ford is thinking in the same spirit and on the replacement of your Mondeo, which in recent years has suffered the same decline that Insignia.

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