Opel Zafira-Life e: when environmentalists on you

Opel Zafira-Life e: when environmentalists on you


The Opel brand continues with the electrification of the model range, introducing a fully electric version of its flagship model for passenger transport Zafira Life. New Opel Zafira-e Life offers you all the advantages of the basic model with the engine and gives a comfortable, quiet, relaxed driving thanks to the electric motor. Most versions have a height of the body is not more than 1.9 m, which provides access to underground car parks, business and shopping centers, and also Parking hotels. In addition, the electric car Opel Zafira-e Life has a unique feature – the ability to tow a trailer with a maximum load capacity 1 000 kg.

The powerful electric motor, the choice of battery, large power reserve

Hiding under the hood, the electric capacity of 100 kW (136 HP) with torque of 260 Nm, the new Opel Zafira-e Life offers such dynamic characteristics you’d expect from a large van. For example, the maximum speed reaches 130 km/h, which is enough for a confident and comfortable motion even on high-speed highways.

Customers are just two of the traction battery to choose from – 50 kWh 75 kWh. In the first case, the nominal power reserve is 230 km, in the second, you can count on 330 km (data for measuring cycle WLTP). Traction batteries are built on the technology “Lithium-ion” and consist of 18 or 27 cells, respectively, which are the most tightly Packed in the bottom of the car – as a result, without requiring a compromise in the space or the useful cargo volume.


The electric car Opel Zafira-e Life is also equipped with a recovery system with the flexibility to control the intensity of actuation. This allows you to gradually slow electric car, collect power during braking and, eventually, increases the efficiency of the power plant as a whole.

The battery charging process and online services for your comfort

Charging an electric van Opel Zafira-e Life as simple as possible. You can use a regular household outlet, special charger “wallbox” or public station “fast” charging. In the latter case, when using “fast” charging station, direct current (DC) power of 100 kW, for charging the battery 50 kWh to 80% takes just 30 minutes (45 minutes for the battery to 75 kWh). Also the electric car Opel Zafira-e Life, depending on market and specific version offers built-in battery charger with a capacity of 7.4 kW (1-phase AC line AC) or 11 kW (3-phase AC line AC). Thus, the Brand offers a variety of options for battery charging – which, simultaneously, will allow for the least amount of time on the charging station and will provide a long battery life. It is no wonder the traction battery is warranted for eight years or 160 thousand km of mileage!

The creators of the electric car has taken care to ensure that its use was as comfortable as possible for the client. For example, thanks to the “OpelConnect” and Annex “myOpel”, owner of an electric vehicle can check the battery level, programming the on-time of the air conditioner or the heater, create a graph of the delayed start of charging, so is corporate services Group PSA – “Free2Move”. This feature rich application will lead the way to one of the 140 thousand charging stations, will track the charging rate of the battery, and hold the payment for received electricity.

Three sizes of the Opel Zafira-e Life: “Small”, “Medium”, “Large”

New Opel Zafira-e Life is available in three variants of body length and can carry up to nine people – thus, ven fully meets the needs of different customers.

Range opens a 4.6-metre version of the Opel Zafira-e Life was “Small” (available from the beginning of 2021), which perfectly combines compact exterior dimensions and ample space body. Inside of which, by the way, can also accommodate up to nine people. Small turning circle diameter (11.3 m), and large sliding side door with electric touch opening for the swing leg, turn the electric car into the ideal partner for travel on narrow city streets. One of a kind class! A variant of the Opel Zafira-Life e Medium has an increased body – plus 35 cm in length, wheelbase 3.28 m more space for rear passengers feet. This option is optimal for most buyers, “pivot player” in the segment of large vans D-class. Finally, at the top of the model number located version of the Opel Zafira-e Life “Large”, which is ready to compete with the largest members in its segment – for example, the Luggage compartment can reach a capacity of 4 500 L.

The electric car Opel Zafira-e Life can be called “transformation guru”. So, depending on specific performance, van has to offer 5-9-seater cabin. Folding seats including front passenger seat allow you to carry long cargo up to 3,5 m. the Rear seat can not only fold, but also to act for the organization as a spacious cargo compartment. Finally, the performance of the “Lounge” the electric car is literally transformed into “office on wheels”: four moveable rear seat, leather upholstery, planting “face to face” plenty of legroom, a panoramic roof, etc.

Max is equipped for your comfort and security

Electric van from Opel has to offer all the systems and technologies that serve your comfort and safety during the trip.

So, the camera and radar in the front of the car carefully watching the situation on the road. This complex can recognize other vehicles and pedestrians, to issue warnings, and even activate emergency braking (at speeds up to 30 km/h). Adaptive cruise control allows you to maintain speed and distance from a moving vehicle, also can reduce speed up to 20 km/h Control lane traffic and a function of monitoring the fatigue of the driver will help those people who have to travel a lot, sometimes at night. System also provides automatic switching of lights the “near”/”far”. Finally, a unique offer in this segment is a color projection display, which displays all necessary traffic information: speed, navigation tips, etc.

Touch 7-inch display in the car is the center infotainment systems “Multimedia” and “Multimedia Navi”. Data systems support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The standard navigation system offers a detailed map of the area. At last, the ultimate version of the model Opel Zafira is a e Life can offer ten speakers – all for the perfect sound of your favorite music. It should also be noted that the touch 7-inch display can show an image with a wide-angle rear view camera.


Thus, the new electric van Opel Zafira-Life e takes the position of leader and in the line of basic model Zafira Life, and among passenger vans of the Opel Brand. The electric car Opel Zafira-Life e offers a wide range of versions, thoughtful and a convertible cabin, numerous high-tech equipment and environmental cleanliness, quietness and comfort of travel using the electric motor. With these qualities, an electric van Opel Zafira-e Life will be perfect choice for many clients both private and corporate buyers. Taking orders for a novelty in Europe will start during the summer of this year.

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