Open the curtain equipping KIA XCeed


Fans of the Korean company KIA is pleased by news about equipment from one of the most anticipated cars – XCeed. The developers have announced that the novelty will receive a dashboard Supervision. There are even size – 12.3 inches.

Now KIA XCeed is called the most high-tech crossover in the company’s history. This applies not only to the class of crossovers, but on the whole range. Numeric keypad – not the main “chip” novelties, but very revealing. Because it demonstrates the company’s desire to give drivers new experiences, and to expand the palette of driving pleasure.

What can a digital dashboard?

Replaced analog tachometer and speedometer comes a modern bar with an impressive screen resolution (1920х720). Visually it is divided into several sections: the icons of the devices, and between them the information screen. Switch media cluster, buttons on the steering wheel. Digital panel turned into a generic helper that provides a lot of information:

  • The basic parameters of the movement of the machine;
  • These multimedia system;
  • Tips GPS;
  • Notification of missed SMS and calls.

The system will also display data about fuel consumption instant and average. In countries where actual Live Traffic is displayed even information about the traffic situation in real time. The driver will also alerted to potential problems and issues with the car. Knowing about the possibilities of the instrument panel, it is difficult to imagine how surprised the rest of the vehicle crossover.

But that’s not all. After the engine is stopped, the screen displays all the information about the trip. The driver learns how much time he spent driving, distance traveled, and remaining distance to the mandatory refueling. Analyze travel provides information on average fuel consumption. With such data to plan future travel much easier.

It is important to know that the dashboard adaptive. That is, its parameters changing depending on the driving mode. For example, in sport mode the basic element of a display becomes a tachometer, the other settings are temporarily hidden. In standard mode, Drive Mode Select for driver display data of fuel consumption, as well as the speed of the drive.

Unfortunately, modern instrument panel are available as options. In the base KIA XCeed will be equipped with the usual appliances and a small screen (for 3.8 or 4.2 in) on-Board computer. Recently in KIA Motors has lifted the curtain and showed the photo news, making it the most anticipated model of the year.

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