Operators of rolling scooters in Kiev began to apply new markings

Operators of rolling scooters in Kiev began to apply new markings


Electric scooter rental operators have begun to apply markings for parking such vehicles. This was announced by the deputy head of the Kiev city state administration Konstantin Usov.

He recalled that according to the Memorandum of Cooperation with the city signed in June this year, the operators pledged to streamline the morning start points of scooters. However, this process was “indecently delayed”, and as a result, the marking began only in November “after a strong warning” from the city authorities.

“The situation is complicated by weather conditions – the scooter season usually ends at the end of November, and soon the operators will generally remove them from the streets until spring. However, the first white frames with a graphic mark of a scooter inside have already appeared in the central parts of the Shevchenko and Pechersk districts, “said Konstantin Usov.

The deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration added that as a result, such markings should be throughout Kiev at clearly approved parking lots. And only from there the scooters should start.

“Thus, the city will solve the problem when, after recharging in the morning, they stand somewhere. Once a day, operators will be required to collect and return scooters to the indicated points, ”said Konstantin Usov.

The Kyiv City State Administration also noted that the operators corrected the violations for which they received warnings earlier. We made it impossible for electric scooters to move on Peizazhna Alley, the pedestrian part of Sagaidachnogo Street and Shevchenko Park, and also limited the speed to 14 km / h in a part of the historic center of Kiev.

We add that the memorandum between the Kyiv City State Administration and electric scooter rental operators provides for a maximum speed limit of 20 km / h, and in special zones – up to 14 km / h. In addition, no traffic zones have been identified and morning start points have been fixed.

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