Ora R1: powerful and dalnoboynie

Ora R1: powerful and dalnoboynie


After the appearance of the brand Haval “big dog” Chinese audiences wondered which of the brands Great Wall will launch a “cat”. They were Ora: 24 Jul at the auto show in Chengdu debuts hatchback Ora R1 in the new version, whose name translates into English as Black Cat. However, what is important is that the output of the electric motor from the “black cats” increased from 35 kW (48 HP, 125 Nm) to 45 kW (61 HP, 130 Nm).

Pictures are considered leakage, so the quality is low. The words “black cat” is executed in gold letters on license plates. Externally, the version is different except that the copper tint of the body. Just palette 12 colors, eight provided for the interior.


The label “R1” with the baggage door is gone, so do not rule out that the model be renamed to Black Cat. The dimensions were not changed: 3495x1660x1530 mm wheelbase – 2475. The rims (15 or 16 inches) are known from 2018.

The interior is nothing new to be seen. Even the finish is already familiar. Meanwhile, Ora R2 (it is also predicting a “cat” name) will soon offer a cluster of two large displays.

In Chengdu will play the Prime Minister and the fourth model Ora, while denoted by the code ES11. Drawings made chief designer Emanuel Dirt, as if five years (2012-2017) used in the Porsche.

The traction battery is Ora, R1 will be available in the new top version with a capacity of 37 kWh, which means a range of 405 km for the NEDC cycle. Now there are batteries 28.5 and 33 kWh, which promises a mileage of 310 and 351 km. the Model is 69 800-79 800 yuan (10 000 – 11 400 dollars) and for the first half of 2020 found 9372 owners.

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