Orange storm: the KTM a new sales record

Orange storm: the KTM a new sales record


While Harley-Davidson is registering a decrease in sales, the Austrian company reported record annual sales for the ninth time in a row.

The results of past 2019 is capable to cause envy in competitors. In total 234 449 units motorcycles KTM and 45 650 pieces Husqvarna (both brands are part of the Pierer Group Mobility), which is 7% more than in 2018. For comparison, BMW and Ducati have sold 175 53 162 and 183 of the motorcycle, respectively.

The wave grew 8.9% of the European market, “orange” retained 12% atgr delicious “pie”. For 2019, the interest in motorcycles in the U.S. declined by 2.7%, but here KTM excelled, increasing the sales by 3.6% and securing the 9.7% of the local market.


But it’s not the most interesting. India – that’s where the Austrian brand gave the competitors a master class. Registration of new motorcycles grew by more than 35% and market share grew from 4.5 to about 7.3%.

And Australia and New Zealand are all too well – the total sales of KTM And Husqvarna was 15 343 instance.

What’s next KTM? World domination is not far off? To the level of the largest metproizvodstva far, but the trend is promising. What do you think?

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