Ordinary truck turned into a “war” house on wheels

Ordinary truck turned into a “war” house on wheels

Unusual camper showed on the YouTube channel of Big Truck Big RV. The car was brutal and powerful, but at the same time as comfortable as possible.

The Network has posted an interesting video, which captured the very monumental camper, which is a little similar to traditional travel trailers. Let’s start with the fact that the basis for it was a large Freightliner truck, off the Assembly line even the 2017th. Among the features of such a house on wheels, which is more like a mobile fortress – the four-door cabin, metal mills residential module, the wheels 44 inches (these tires can be found on military transport), all-wheel drive and a sand colour, which only adds to military aesthetics.

In motion such a powerful Kemper leads a 350-horsepower diesel with a torque of 1 Nm 491. The creators of the car and took care of the extra fuel tanks on 227 and 364 liters, while the front and rear axles receive limited-slip differentials.

Despite the martial appearance of the camper, the cabin he designed at home. Inside is everything you need for a comfortable stay from seven people: small bathroom, stove, stainless steel sink, microwave, TV, neat counter, sofa, air conditioners, drawers for convenient storage, and more. This house on wheels has managed to run 14 500 kilometers. It costs 349 990 dollars.

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