I get to the drive the original car from back to the future movie – starring Emma Walsh as Doc Brown! Who knew that the time machine would work!Special thanks to Joe Macarifollow us on:

what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie and right next to me I have one of the original DeLoreans from Back to the Future was actually in the movie so we’re gonna take this car out for a bit of a spin take you through all of the bits and pieces it’s got on the car and we’re gonna have a bit of fun with this today let’s go indoors so this is the dmc-12 was built in 1981 and actually the DeLorean is the name of the guy who built the car so his name is John DeLorean and so he went off on his own and said I’m gonna build my own car and this is what he came who came out with and about 9,000 of them were made you know so 9,000 of the dmc-12 were made around 9,000 not of the movie car so there are only just a handful of these made for the movie and this actually was featured in the movie there are quite a few replicas now I’d say they’re probably few dozen replicas but not all of them obviously featured in the movie so we’ve got our hands on something really really special here today you’d expect a really fancy key right for something that goes back to the future but this is the key to the DeLorean so manual it’s got a v6 engine see pop this in here if I can get illegal searing yeah do a bit of a wiggle wiggle here okay ready the time of fear oh he’s starting yeah don’t look at it though blind you see look shield eyes from light definitely disconnect the capacitor drive before opening okay if you don’t do that you’re screwed let me get the engine doing that sounds great for a v6 but we can actually take this car out into the road it’s very legal official license plate here we’ve got a ruby license plate at a time Laura and joy Macari so they’re the guys that have this car in the show during here jari for letting me take out the battery I’m gonna take this out on the streets of London this is something I definitely have never done before it’s happening Oh duck go go pick up doc doc ah okay oh there’s the doc box right there I don’t know get him get him just practicing cool yeah see my moves for for another movie yeah what are you gonna be starring in gonna rock your world is it gonna be in the future or the past future the future isn’t really well I really like it I think it really suits you can they come for a ride yeah should we go back in time yeah all right man let’s do it which day do you want to go back to um which date dates date 1985 no no date Oh Dave Day date 1985 let’s make it summer no the day the day the day it’s gonna Sunday 1:00 3:30 15 the 15th okay going to the 15th oh darling it’s an Asian time see here we go 15 okay and then which year are we gonna go to 1450 – that’s too old we’re gonna go huge they wouldn’t even have McDonald’s in 14 Back to the Future so should we go back so that means you even further ahead in the future if you go back to the future going back to the future look we’re going back to 15 you’re in the past right now are we in the past we’re going back to 1588 I’m so confused 1588 that is that is properly in the in the in the part that’s really in the past can you see 1388 he’s too far back you could damage the whole plutonium reactor this machine excuse me 1586 can they go as far back as that it’s too far back right they could damage to plutonium rack because it’s been a bit rusty right see it’s good at 2086 all right so we just don’t goes for just unplugging yes right okay so we’re gonna go to August September because that’s my bad thing my birthday’s all that’s worse Oh mines all 50 okay we’re going back to January generators know what day would you like to go back to 14th the 14 okay wonderful okay now what year are we going back to peeps what year would you want to go back comment be alive it’s good in the 60s I’ll see you I really like the 20s it’s good sweatiest you’re very easy to please nineteen twenty nineteen twenties okay so it’s okay good I need 25 we’re going to see 90 25 destination time and the hour well CH time I’m pretty hungry I’ll see how like do you know because I’d like a drink oh yeah I mean you can drink rosette lunch then that’s true okay let’s go back one time 12:30 Benny’s good yeah p.m. p.m. okay good okay we have to sync watches some you watch okay you’ve got 437 I’ve got the same 437 yeah all right alright guys so if this really works yeah our watches could be out of sync when you come back okay okay okay all right we’ve got the flux capacitor tato don’t we doc mm-hmm that’s all prepared Obachan activated yeah just don’t look at it whatever you do so we’ve got that activated and that’s actually what makes it possible to travel through time now be careful of these coils on the outside they’re all going to light up blue and white they’re gonna flash they’re actually called the temporal demage elation coils which I thought was really important to note but why don’t you back it all the way up this or have enough runway runway yeah hit the 88 miles and you’ve got a rivet pretty hard yeah well well well how is that so you were in the future in the past I can remember in a pop whoa huzzah hey what happened to dr. hoof don’t really talk to her different movie different sure I think we left him in nineteen whatever well oh she’s pretty yeah I picture my friend Emma instead came back to the future that’s cool well okay let’s check whether anything happen to the watch’s 90s by the jacket and the style all right so this is how long you’ve been gone in our time there’s been how long I’ve gone out ten past five what do you have 30 no way yes way no way look it it doesn’t matter anymore yeah that’s insane Oh universe that is so cool there you go buy this car man this is sick Bobby Scott love it guys this is Joe he owns Joe McCrory obviously his name is Joe it’s on the door it’s been such a pleasure to be here with you and thank you so so much for access to this incredible DeLorean I mean you were just telling me a story where you put about 50 what million pounds worth a shot well what happened was a very good friend of ours wanted to have a load of cars of the Concorde yeah and this won’t but she wasn’t expecting and it was the most photographed car there and when I arrived to the for the grown-up dinner in the evening his lordship was driving it around the launch was just fantastic so he’d ignored all of the multi-million pound cars on the lawn and just went straight with it yeah but the point is evokes memories you know the memories are still evokes and theatric that you find that everyone who comes up to it smiles so you’ve actually had this car for several years else yeah I bought it from a collector in Jersey oh yeah you just collected film cars okto he only bought cars that were in original movies or films or TV production yeah and that was his thing and then when he retired he decided to go he had no room right so he started selling all the cars up I mean if someone wants to purchase a car like this are we talking like supercar amounts of money yeah yeah yeah so it’s buying the history yeah it’s not ten thousand six hundreds of thousands yeah I want to thank you so much for having me we’ve just had the time of our lives here thank you guys so much for watching this is Joe and we’ll be back very soon thanks Joe

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