Original Cars from Fast & Furious Movie!!!

Original Cars from Fast & Furious Movie!!!


Please join me on May 20th to support Paul Walker’s foundation – Thanks to Universal Studios, for getting me access to drive Vin Diesel’s Ice Charger and close up look to Paul Walker’s Ford Escort! Check out Andre – Fast & The Furious – Follow me on:HTTPS://www.supercarblondie.comMusic by:Random Chords – Del

on top guys if super god blondie I’m in Los Angeles I’m actually at the place where they made the cars from The Fast and Furious extremely successful franchise and there’s one of them right behind media this is the honest charge it was used in the Fast and Furious 8 by Vin Diesel and I just want to show you around this is the actual car that was driven this year the the back is the best bit right obviously it’s this bit here this is the turbine and this actually shoots flames how crazy so the flames can’t come out of here so this turbine here actually charges the EMP this is the electromagnetic pulse and if you turn this on so it all lights up everything else actually the special effects Department needs to be involved in this little bit here so they’re not here at the garage so it doesn’t light up at the moment but if they were here they could do all of that that would be so cool you can see it in the movie anyway how it works and so this is the EMP actually completely shuts down all electricity around it so what would happen is if you turn it on helicopters would literally fall out how to sky movie stuff the magic of movies right so this car is actually based off a Dodge Charger but pretty much everything is being replaced kind of line we want to leave only original panels later on the car put the won’t wipers don’t work anymore but everything else does so if you could start down here there’s actually this is not the clutch brake and accelerator this is the accelerator brake and brake so there are two different brakes in the car and so this is like the normal brake that controls all four wheels the one in the middle and then on the left side is the brake that controls just the two rear wheels so it means you can drift super easy look here this one that’s the magic right there so let’s move on alright so this is the master switch we’re gonna just turn that on change the power on to the car and then starter did you get Boyd away filming the exhaust Thank You first man have to work it all the way down into well you just stoled it what happened it was the EMP the electromagnetic pulse turn it on what I turned it on just to see what would happen based fully katli so if you can’t turn it on in cases helicopters sorry mate she turned the EMP on oh my god this boys you blondie don’t don’t turn the MP on again alright now go back again or something you might drive dying go dying oh that was cool it turns like super easy if you just go tiny millimeter to your left the wheels are just gonna go so you just ended up in the fast furious garage fast and furious garage so this is not the only car that they have yeah should we go around yes so she turned on the EMP before yeah yeah electromagnetic pulse kill the engine I told her she’s not allowed to in 1974 Ford Escort this one was actually driven by poor walking in this one’s quite iconic there’s no breaks no very subtle other breaks it’ll never I only break that works is that you break right now but if you turn that red switch the big one that says battery yep and is it the same as the other one that in that this is the right little manual manual okay so you know thanks it’s clutch on the left gas on the right brake in the middle okay and that’s in it’s alright so we just so what do you mean there is a break in the middle but it doesn’t work the brake systems not working right now okay we just got this out of mothballs so the wait till universal wants to do something with it but at this point so just to turn the red no okay to the right oh yeah yep all right there you go okay put the blue one up that says pump and then flip the switch up and then the ignition yes and then there’s a push button on the final on the tunnel there right just a little to your left right yeah there you go unless this is the stop button itself yeah I’m just gonna fit real quick and just make sure it’s in there you go okay awesome I just need to be strong guys to stop the car once I’m driving I can be learned you don’t I promise I didn’t break it oh it wasn’t me it’s back to normal I think you camera baits my camera camera than me my world is ending it’s all about the final photo yeah I’ve seen some big cameras like some bad video if you know I’m saying I have no idea what he’s talking about no idea hi mom hi dad [Laughter] who are you with uh I’m on me wits black nerd aka Andre arm here with Andre aka the black nerd yes I’m just here either way I am here when you want me down the street people yell out like every once in a while yeah and you know that’s not even if they’ve seen my channel they just look at me and just go yo black nerd there happens do you want to walk it down the street so guys like they’re playing a bingo game or something like a car bingo yeah yeah all right we got it all right guys I can subscribe we’ll see you around slow somewhere in the States

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