Other Buick Enclave: now Deluxe version, but still with the usual tidy

Other Buick Enclave: now Deluxe version, but still with the usual tidy


In China ready to start sales of the flagship SUV Buick. “Their” Enclave is different from the American version, at the same time as my brother from the States, the “celestial” SUV is a top version of the Avenir.

Standard new Enclave, designed for China, the brand has unveiled three weeks ago. Now it is time for the luxury version of the Avenir with an extended equipment list. By the way, in China it will be the fourth model sub-brand Buick: this variant of execution there have Regal (similar Opel Insignia, but in a body “sedan”), “chetyrehdverki” LaCrosse and GL8 van (van is a Chinese “exclusive”, and the LaCrosse will soon leave the States).

Recall, as an American Enclave (in the US cross the second generation is available with 2017), the Chinese crossover built on the “zimowski” C1XX platform with a transverse engine. However, the “celestial” version of the smaller “American”: the same length 4981 mm vs 5189 mm and the wheelbase – 2863 3071 mm instead of mm. And the Enclave to China, the original design of the front, differently shaped and the interior.


From the standard Chinese SUV top version of the Avenir looks different radiator grille with a diamond pattern and a presence on the front wings of the signboards with the name of the configuration. The body may be painted in the brand to sub-brand the “wine” color. Also for the expensive version includes 21-inch wheels and matrix led headlights (in the States of the model are “normal” led optics).

In the cabin luxury SUV plastic, leather and suede ivory, while the standard SUV’s dark interior (the American version of the bright finish is not laid at all). The Chinese Enclave Avenir will offer a six-seater version, with two captain’s chairs in the second row (the basic cross default seven-seat), the seats are heated, ventilation and massage function. But the devices have an analog of Abner, like a conventional crossover. In “American” too traditional “tidy”, but in the case of Chinese, loving the digital, this decision is surprising. But the list of equipment included salon mirror, on which is a picture with the back camera.

About motor Enclave Avenir the company has so far kept silent. Most likely, the engine is the same as that of a conventional SUV in China, the model is equipped with a 230-strong petrol “turboservice” 2.0 LSY system for deactivating two cylinders under low loads, it is paired with a nine-storyed “automatic” (by the way, the “Chinese” button instead of the selector). Actuator – front or full. In the States the same Enclave available with “aspirated” V6 3.6 returns 314 HP, also with 9АКП.

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For China, the production Enclave established at the local plant, the joint venture corporations General Motors and SAIC, the American version is produced in Michigan. On “celestial” market model will be released 20 November, prices yet to be announced. In the US the standard cross costs from $ 40 000, version Avenir – 53 from $ 800. Prices are excluding taxes and delivery.

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