Other Hyundai ix35 has again shown unprecedented demand

Other Hyundai ix35 has again shown unprecedented demand


Experts automotive group Hyundai has summed up the results of sales in the period from January to November 2019. Leading positions occupied budget crossover Hyundai ix35.

This car has excellent performance, it has purchased 118 thousand people. On the sales of the crossover ahead of such branded cars like Skoda Kamiq and Toyota RAV4.

According to the publication Autohome is known that the crossover Hyundai ix35 for 2 years is the undisputed leader in the model series of the Korean automaker.


The basis of the crossover is the platform inherited from the same car sold at us in the period from 2010 to 2015. For Chinese buyers budget available for Hyundai ix35 in conjunction with the new Hyundai Tucson.

The appearance of the crossover is made in solid style. Brand stands out ahead of the grille, optics lighting equipped with LEDs, and also draws the attention of the original glazing of the Luggage compartment. The parameters of the body represented by the 4 meter length 435 mm, 1 m width 850 mm, height of 1 meter 715 mm, wheel base is 2 m 640 mm.

To control the cross in the presence of 2 types of engines — engine with a thrust of 163 horsepower and a turbocharged engine with a power of 140 HP Atmospheric engine is offered in the unit with six-speed manual or automatic transmission. Toronadoes motor is equipped with a seven-speed robotized transmission. Available to buyers of crossovers with the full and front drive.

Buy Hyundai ix35 in China for 119 900 thousand yuan. Top models are more expensive than 161 thousand 900 yuan.

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