Owners of burnt-out Hyundai cars sue

Owners of burnt-out Hyundai cars sue


We are talking about Hyundai electric cars, the fire in which occurred because of the batteries.

Owners of Hyundai electric cars, on whose cars the battery caught fire, began to file applications to the court. As of Thursday morning, November 19, we already know about 200 such requests. The statements say that the fire was a threat to the lives and health of people, and also significantly reduced the cost of cars in the secondary car market.

Hush up this conflict is unlikely to succeed, as in parallel, the American auto giant General Motors recalls 70,000 electric cars with identical LG Chem batteries. At the moment, each of the owners of the affected cars requires compensation in the amount of 7,200 dollars, and the total amount has already reached 8 million won and may further increase.

Also, owners require replacement, not repair of batteries – in their opinion, it will be much safer, and it will also take less time.

Note that the recall campaign affected 74,000 Hyundai Kona vehicles.

A total of 16 cases of fire were recorded in South Korea, Europe and Canada.

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