Owners of electric vehicles severely avenged the drivers of petrol cars

Owners of electric vehicles severely avenged the drivers of petrol cars


“War infrastructure” between owners of electric cars and gasoline cars do not stop for a few years. But if earlier “fights” broke out only in America, but now it came to Europe.

As found by OBOZREVATEL, Croatian owners of electric vehicles are tired of the fact that the owners of petrol cars often block their access to chargers and decided to take revenge accordingly.


About 10 electric cars came to the gas station and blocked car access to speakers. All the action took place on 6 minutes. This is understandable: if the action was unrestricted, surely it would have ended in serious conflict and the police have not done.

Revenge of the Electric Car! This is how it looks when you have no other solution to emphasize the problem of blocking charging stations for EVs than to block gas station with electric vehicles. The performance lasted 6 minutes and it was not our intention to harass anyone, but to point out the fact that electric vehicles are here, and their positive impact on society.

Published by Igor Kolovrat Monday, 9 Dec 2019

As noted by one of the participants in your Facebook, unfortunately, elektromobilitat there was no other way of solving the problem of locking charging stations. In this case the malicious intent of it is not – activists wanted to show that “electric cars exist, and they have a positive impact on society.”

Revenge of the electric car ! Performance zauzimanja punionica kao da je to mjesto parking. Sva vozila su Elektri?na. Hvala svim u?esnicima, Igoru Kolovrat na trudu i organizaciji i RTL-u ove akcije za uspjeh. Uskoro datum reporta?e. Hvala na podr?ci od Narodni Radio za pozivanje svih EV Voza?a. We had the coordinated action of EV Drivers in Zagreb where EV-s occupied a gas station for 5 minutes as a simbolic guesture to show the other drivers what it means when you cant access a charger. Croatia doesnt have a law to fine drivers who occupy EV Chargers and we are trying to change that. #evchargerisnotaparking #rtl #punionicanijeparking

Published Tesla Motors Club Croatia Monday, 9 Dec 2019

However, not everyone appreciated their act – some called him stupid and even idiotic. It is hoped that soon the owners of electric cars and gasoline cars will reconcile and stop each other to “spoil life”.

How do You feel about drivers who parked at the field for charging?

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