Pagani has published photos of the latest Zonda

Pagani has published photos of the latest Zonda


The Pagani Zonda is a true long-liver in the supercar segment. He debuted back in 1999, and the assembly was carried out until 2011. But the model has not sunk into oblivion: the company LMM Design has published on Instagram teasers of “the fifth and last representative of the 760 series”.

However, the final Zonda was supposed to be the HP Barchetta – a special version that debuted in 2017. And two years later, the company announced that it would no longer release a single new performance. However, everything turned out differently. LMM Design says the model will be an all-new Probe, created in collaboration with Pagani.

Soon we are promised to reveal all the technical characteristics of the supercar, but for now we have only a few photos with the production process and a darkened silhouette. It can be seen that the Pagani Zonda 760 Roadster has carbon fiber details and a V12 at the rear. Most likely, the latter will be borrowed from Mercedes-AMG and will produce 760 hp. The premiere is promised to be held this year.

Also in 2022, Pagani will introduce a new model, codenamed C10. It will be powered by Mercedes-AMG’s six-liter twin-turbo V12 V12. Its power is 40-45 hp more than the Huayra, while the weight of the car itself will be noticeably reduced, which will have a positive effect on dynamics. The circulation will be no more than 300 units, but they are all already sold out.

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