Pagani Huayra | Richard Hammond reviews Series 19 | BBC

Pagani Huayra | Richard Hammond reviews Series 19 | BBC


Richard reviews the Pagani Huayra, the latest supercar from the Italian manufacturer. see all the reviews, races and challenges: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter: Latest videos:

the Pagani Zonda is my favourite supercar but it’s been around for a decade now and for the last few years Pagani have been promising again and again that they’ll replace it with a brand new car and now finally they have it’s called the Huayra it costs 800,000 pounds and it has a top speed of 230 miles an hour the name Lyra comes from a South American god of wind probably not what you want to hear what you do want to hear is that it has a six-litre twin-turbo v12 made specially for it by AMG which once petrol is applied makes 730 brake horsepower and what you do want to hear and see is what that does for two seconds and then on into space it’s savage savage savage thing I can’t get another that will do that again the drama isn’t just restricted to the speed because inside the wire it looks like a Victorians idea of the 23rd century and the detail is beyond obsessive every single nut and bolt is made from titanium the name badge takes 24 hours to carve out from a solid piece of aluminium each wheel also hewn from a single aluminium block takes five days to make and look at this gear shifter all the mechanism is exposed so you can see the workings it’s made of 67 different parts all arranged just so you can hear that mechanical clunk of a gear being selected you don’t even need to use it you could just use the paddles by the wheel but they’ve put that there because it makes it more of an occasion this fanatical attention to detail goes on and on and on even the body is more high-tech than the one you’ll find on a Formula One car it’s made from carbon taymiyah and I even know what that means now somebody’s told me it’s a blend of carbon fibre and titanium which is incredibly light but it’s actually stiffer than carbon fiber and doesn’t shatter when you crash which makes things safer should you suddenly find 4 730 bhp propelling you towards it edge not every element though is quite so cutting edge magani haven’t got where the fashionable twin plate clutch that so many cars used today because they do make for faster changes they’ve got instead for a more traditional single plate clutch because it’s smaller and a whole 100 kilograms lighter in fact the wire aways just 1,350 kilograms and has a power-to-weight ratio of 541 brake horsepower per ton which is more than you get from a Bugatti failing but where the bugatti veyron is four-wheel drive this is only rear-wheel drive and rather worryingly we’ve now come to the part of the film where we must see what it’s like going round corners okay now I understand the more infantile viewers of which there are many will now want to see these sliding the back end around so where it goes amazingly you can corner this car like a half-wit and come out the other side alive and that’s because in the Huayra the black art of aerodynamics is butchy million you see those flaps on the outside there’s two at the back and two at the front they measure how fast you’re going and then deploy to keep everything stable they say over the back well I’m in love but the handling isn’t all down to the magic flaps it doesn’t feel big like a Lambo and it’s all been set up so well I made so stable that even I could corner it hard that hiding in the glove box whimpering Oh God this is properly put together the Zonda was always going to be a difficult act to follow but the Huayra has pulled it off it drives better it looks better and it hasn’t lost any of the drama on top of that it also has something that its main rivals Ferrari and Lamborghini no longer possess this car and this might all get a bit culture show now I know has still got its innocence Ferrari and Lamborghini haven’t ones owned by Audi the other is a commercial machine for selling hats and key rings Pagani is where those companies were 30 years ago no corporate culture no branded teddy bears they just want to make a bedroom wall pinup poster with a touch of the madness we saw in the Lamborghinis of a few decades ago and you can feel that there might be some people watching right now who could actually afford one of these things and it’s the job of you me and everybody else to stand around and join together in a chorus do it do it do it

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