Pagani very creative announced its new model

Pagani very creative announced its new model


In the code of the web page firm hid symbols the image of a supercar. What?

The secret ingredient came from official Pagani website – but what is shown there, is yet to be known. But to see this minimalist masterpiece ASCII art can be anyone: you only need access to the Internet.

Did you know: if you open source code of Pagani Automobili website, inside you’ll find this amazing Huayra made from…

Published Monday, February 24, 2020.

Logging on to the official online brand, you need to use the display function code of the page. For example, in Google Chrome it is activated via the context menu. Regardless of the program used to surf the Internet, access to the code page, you can get either right mouse click or via the menu “settings”.

Seeing the source code of the main page, you have to scroll it down and you will see the image… what? It can be as the Huayra or the Zonda and not yet released by the company in light of the supercar: it is clear that the use of symbolic graphs imposes well-known restrictions on the detail drawing.


In addition, it can have one or the other depending on the browser used. Our little study showed that Chrome and Firefox use different colors and different symbols. Finally, Pagani may from time to time its Easter eggs and update: our colleagues from Allcarindex (see above) saw is not what we are.

What it depicts, and does not hint at whether such an original way the firm at some future Prime Minister, it remains to be seen.

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