Painful to watch: Gelendwagen Cemetery

Painful to watch: Gelendwagen Cemetery


More than 20 Mercedes-Benz G-Class of different years of production were collected at a landfill. There are also rare models among them.

An unusual car dump has been found in the UK. Almost all cars on it are Mercedes-Benz G-Class of different years of production. This is reported by the Autoevolution website.

In total, more than two dozen Gelendvagens can be counted in the landfill. Most SUVs are from the 90s and 2000s, although there are earlier Mercedes-Benz G-Class from the 80s, and even G Professional versions for the army and special services.

There are both three-door and five-door modifications of Gelendvagen, you can also see two rare convertibles. In addition to the G-Class, a few old Mercedes-Benz sedans like the 70s W114 are also rusting in the graveyard.

Most of the cars do not seem to be too shabby and, at first glance, are well preserved. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that many Mercedes-Benz have already been partially disassembled and lack various parts. Apparently, people come here to find free spare parts for Gelendvagen.

Maybe these comrades who are engaged in the manufacture of copies of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class are taking away Geliki for parts? Or maybe some of the accessories are suitable for the Indian clone of the G-Class?

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