“Painted with his own hands”: Aventador SVJ decorated in public

“Painted with his own hands”: Aventador SVJ decorated in public


For Lamborghini customers there is a special Lamborghini Ad Personam personalization program that allows you to create a truly unique car. However, the owner of this Aventador SVJ decided to go the other way: using his talent, if he has one, Abdullah Qandil from Saudi Arabia personally painted the body, thereby guaranteeing himself that there will be no second such in the world.

Everything happens in Monaco: to get as much attention as possible, the artist parked his Aventador SVJ in broad daylight right outside the entrance to the five-star Hotel De Paris. The 33-year-old enthusiast began painting a canvas worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in a variety of colors. In the livery, so to speak, there are strokes of different widths and directions. Some of the eyewitnesses even began to help the author, but the worst thing is that the artist’s bold brushes reached the salon.

At the moment when the supercar leaves the place of “tuning”, the camera captures part of the interior: the door cards and the front panel are painted in the same style. It is even difficult to imagine how much money is needed to return the “Aventador” to its original appearance. However, this is Abdullah’s car, and he can do whatever he wants with it.

A cursory examination of the artist’s Instagram channel makes it clear that the SVJ is not the first car with such a livery. There is also a 997 generation Porsche 911 GT3 with a hand-painted body.

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