Paris Hilton & I Talk Cars

Paris Hilton & I Talk Cars


I’m talking cars with Paris Hilton at BMW in Munich, where we explore their latest most futuristic concept cars.Check out Paris on Instragram @parishiltonMusic by:Kaleidoscope by Stelio MarshallPass The Torch by Lyle WorkmanCaribe Nocturne by KolektivoAstral Projection by Elevated Mind

follows supercar Bolognese channel okay goes outing and like a good yeah let’s see how it’s like how are you it’s so ridiculously hot dude I hope your hike I’m hot we’re so hot we like walking or video no it just screwed we’re just gonna go for it we’ve got about five million cameras on us right now guys what’s up supercar blondie here I’ve got a Paris Hilton right next to me in Munich thanks so much for coming on my blog say hi to my family these guys right now so we’re gonna talk cars you guys so I don’t know how this is gonna go down but currently we’ve got some of the coolest concept cars right here next to us twinning I just seen Paris to follow me around and fix my hand so Paris and I are gonna talk cars and the future of cars and you’ll take on cars because you love cars right I am obsessed with cars at one point I literally had nine cars in my driveway what did you have Lamborghini Ferrari Lexus LFA that they ever made he’s so sick white pearl insane like the fastest his car I’ve ever don’t like that he’s like one of the best sounding cause everyone even that car is a piece of art yeah sometimes like that’s incredible but my bigger cars my Range Rover g-wagen I had a Hummer for like a month well when I would go beyond yeah yeah it was cool for a sec it was like 10 years ago so it’s so obnoxious but it made her electric when I would like it oh yeah my Bentley is baby blue convertible and then my forgot to count them all there’s I’ve lost count as well and at the moment what is your daily Drive I’m actually doing like low key right now and I’m either in my suburban so I’ve been all I make my very locally though yep a killing but my new I a BMW is so lit and we’re about to get a wrap have you got the road stone yeah I newest want the silver one they just pulled out it’s the sickest car like on the Rye used to have an i8 as well I sold it for my Lamborghini but I would buy another one today the only issue I have with it it needs a little bit more power but you like electric around there okay cool all right cool let’s go have a look at sodium because the biggest thing I’ve ever seen in my life though next vision BMW really look at this car what’s what do you like about it yeah I was a car this would be me color silver suckseed back all the details and light this reminds me of Burning Man mixed with like every festival mix with me mixed in the future leave the year 2050 I I do love the pop of color I have to say this is also dad this is cool trilling orange the doors are really cool can we just open these up so the thing we want your best walk up to the car as well yes please do I need someone okay no I want this I want the whole walk out to the car okay so we need to it’s a sunny tomorrow and then you put a manual all right week to do that part again right okay ready and my little boys at the end of gelato you guys this is too funny okay steering wheel is not normal like I No I feel like I’m in a spaceship or in I don’t even know what new it’s so cool isn’t it yeah and these ones do you know what these ones do so as a cup holder right but it’s gyroscopic which means basically it’s keeps moving so your drink doesn’t spill over when you’re driving how great is that so it just goes there and yeah so you put you in McDonald’s pop in at Ryan and then instead of it spilling over when you turn it kind of moves like around with the cup so it doesn’t spill that’s insane that’s cool huh I don’t think I would be putting like McDonald’s alone in this car no it’s Cristal yeah but feel this interior so no it is what is this this is a heart rate monitor so if you put your hands on the wheel right it’s like you’re at the gym on an elliptical and it grabs your heart rate and it just plays it up here when you’re driving it’s cool I bet your heart rate is insane when you’re hot in this car it’s guys already high Oh moment it is this is so zero to a hundred in three seconds with zero to sixty two in three seconds flat where like if you have the guy drive for you you can test out his we’re here so true but none of these Bob’s because it’s just not gonna work and I think they’re really gonna love them yeah okay let’s go show you the other one yeah because I want to show you something that’s super cool it’s the boy I didn’t think I’d be talking to Paris about cars in my lifetime but it’s happening and I think I need a tagline I mean I asked her what my tagline should be all Paris you need to teach me some of these moves I need them very moving Oh me Julia I’m wearing leather pants coming to Munich I’m sick yeah it’s gonna be free I brought jackets as well okay now this is the station x100 is pretty much like a spaceship these are called live geometry and you see because this is all covered right the wheel can’t move when you’re turning oh my god that’s amazing like something out of like an alien car yeah it is it’s like honeycomb you need like scars it’s like reptiles kind of you think okay this we’re getting to obsession this right now this is a way that or an alpha it’s a sick purse Madden this is like like but I’d have to move do you not I mean like oh yeah tobey’s obviously later um so your take just quickly before we move on on the future of cars when it comes to electric cars gastly and everything that’s going into our environment it’s so important to have electric cars oh you have actually a cool-looking electric car yeah you know in the beginning when they came out they were just so boring looking and like I would not even want to really drive on she’s not talking I’m talking about of Prius damn that car is ugly like when you compare this to that it’s like massive different it’s comparing like we have a blank slate right when we don’t have an engine to put in a car and it’s just batteries you can pretty much design a car from scratch so it’s all literally it’s a fashion statement this looks like I need this in my next music video oh I need to be cool drive it everywhere like I’m sure we can squeeze unboxing now we got scared me what what does that do so if you see an object on the road and know if you don’t see the object if they can’t these people shoot I’m really good at explanation so you think I think I do have a heart attack but if the girl is something I don’t it warns you that’s something to keep your eye on the highway yeah it’s like a bicycle or something you know what I mean like the kind of truck then it warns you with the reptile skin I think you had to get used to that part though I love it whatever happened here like what the hell is happening right my car gonna morph into like a lizard oh my don’t mind on the steering which is why barring no it’s a note so now it turns into like a nightclub way yeah now we party and we can get some champagne and disco ball Oh mad is that right guys that’s it that’s me in Paris talking cars I hope you enjoyed please like the videos go check out Paris’s Instagram it’s here sprinkled across the screen and go give us some love we love you guys Nilay BMW BMW thanks p.m. lobby thanks so much for inviting us to Munich follows supercar I need a tagline welcome to tackle Envy the Arab blonde hot car I’m serious I’m super Coughlin

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