Park new: how different countries are struggling with the lack of Parking spaces

Park new: how different countries are struggling with the lack of Parking spaces


Statistics show that every year on the roads, more cars. Despite the positive dynamics, the problem of congestion and Parking lots is still relevant.

Difference is especially noticeable in Metropolitan areas where the owners sometimes spend hours looking for a free place for your car. To find a way out, experts began to develop different technologies that can solve 2 problems – to reduce the area for Parking and increase the number of seats. Today there are at least 5 of the concepts of parks, which are beginning to be introduced in different countries.


CityLift Parking – multi-storey automated car Parking. In those places, where on earth is simply not enough space, the best solution will be to introduce Parking in a multistory building. Today, this concept is building square company Parking CityLift. Number of floors depend on the parameters of the project in the individual case. For example, Parking The Hive, which is located in Oakland, is the area that would be required for Parking 7 cars, but due to the fact that it has several floors, it can easily fit just 39 cars. Parking system operates in automatic mode, the driver pushes the car to the box, pays and leaves. Platform drove the car lift raises the vehicle to the desired floor and taken to a Parking space. Such Parking, in which you can save the territory, today are becoming popular in the United States. The company has already built 27 such facilities.

Robotic Parking Systems. Another effective option – vertical robot-Park carousel, which was developed by Robotic Parking Systems. The car drives into the box, which then moves into a conveyor cell, and a busy section at this time goes to another position. The main difference from other parks is the mobility. Cars constantly moving on the principle of the carousel – make room for the other car, or go to the owner. Company in 2018 built Parking in Kuwait on 2314 seats, which brought in the Guinness Book of records.

Automated Valet Parking. The project, which employs Mercedes-Benz and Bosch, shows the principle of operation of the Parking of the future. This concept will save the driver from the search space and Parking. Everything you need to do is arrive at the landing zone, to get out of the car and click in the mobile application on the button “Park”. The smart Parking system and autopilot of the car to connect the car yourself go to a blank space. Corridor traffic will build itself Parking, which will embed thousands of sensors. To return to the owner of the car will also be myself. The project began to create in 2015, tested in 2017. Now the system has official permission. In addition, it has established and is actively being exploited in the garage of the Mercedes Benz Museum.

CarDok. The owners of private houses, too, are often faced with the problem of Parking. When cars from two or more, they have nowhere to put it. To solve this problem, the company CarDok suggested Parking in several levels. At the same time, the lower floor is located below ground – where you can place more than one or two levels. The car, clicking the remote, starts to go underground vertically – it takes no more than 30 seconds.

Stan. The concept is a robot Valet that takes your car. Today, these robots makes the company Stanley Robotics. They look like a mobile platform and Park the car themselves. The customer brings the car in Boxing and makes the payment in the terminal, then the robot arrives and takes her to a seat.

Result. Developments in the field of Parking develop every year. Probably in a few years most countries will be able to avoid the problem of busy areas.

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